We stayed in Phuket for the rest of our trip, in a nice area called Niaharn. We were right down the road from Naiharn Beach, which is really beautiful. It’s not too trashed from tourists or overly crowded. There’s plenty to do on Phuket, so you don’t have to look too far to stay busy.…

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Samui to Phuket and the Great Scooter Crash of ‘17

Samui is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand. I’ve seen it called Samui, Ko Samui, and Koh Samui. “Koh” Or “Ko” means island. It’s quiet (as quiet as Thailand gets), and breath-taking gorgeous, a good place to get away from the city. It was our Christmas present to ourselves, a little bungalow right…

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Bangkok, Part II

A river, the Chao Phraya, runs through Bangkok from north to south, into the gulf of Thailand. Taxi boats run up and down the river and through the canals (called khlongs) that branch off of it, running tourists and locals around and avoiding Bangkok street traffic. We bought an all day pass for one of…

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