TUF 26 Episode 8

Oh shiiiit! I’ve been waiting alllll season for this episode. So, I finally decided to just leave Team Alvarez and go train with Team Gaethje. I didn’t really give too many fucks at this point about Eddie’s feelings, what the other girls would think, or how it would come across. I just didn’t want to…

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TUF 26 Episode 7

Aaaaaaaand we’re back!   Up this week: Hawaii vs Hungary! But first, a visit from the boss himself, Dana White!   We knew Dana was coming to the house a little before he arrived. He showed up with Mayweather/MacGregor t-shirts and chilled for a couple hours. It can be intimidating being around Dana- he’s our…

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TUF 26 Episode 2

First of all, welcome to the Deanna Bennett Show!   Deanna is always doing stuff like: humping people or things, singing Disney songs, making turkey noises, making fun of herself, dancing, etc. She is the goofiest woman on the planet, and we all loved her. I had seen Deanna fight a few times and I…

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