TUF 26 Episode 7

Aaaaaaaand we’re back!


Up this week: Hawaii vs Hungary! But first, a visit from the boss himself, Dana White!


We knew Dana was coming to the house a little before he arrived. He showed up with Mayweather/MacGregor t-shirts and chilled for a couple hours. It can be intimidating being around Dana- he’s our boss, after all, so none of us want to make a bad impression, but he’s actually pretty easy to talk to. He asked us all where we were from, made small talk with the women around the house, asked how we were doing.
I have no idea why I asked about what car he rolled up in. It literally just popped in my head and out my mouth. I don’t know, I just figured he would be driving something bad ass and I wanted to check it out. I don’t even know anything about cars, you guys. I roll around in a beat up 2004 Dodge Neon, y’all. When he said it was a BMW M760I, I had no fucking clue what the numbers and letters meant, I just knew that shit was serious.

My car

Dana’s car

Almost exactly alike, right?!

But, it was a good talking point, and something to do, so when Dana said we could go look at it, of course a bunch of us got up to go check the thing out. A couple of us sat in it and pushed the buttons and took a long look while Dana explained some features, and then at some point he says, “I’ll let you guys drive this thing if you want” and of course our jaws dropped to the ground. I asked, “You’d really let us drive your car?” and Dana looked right at me and got all serious, like he couldn’t believe I would doubt him, and said, “I swear to God I’ll let you drive it”.


We can drive THAT?!!

But first, he wanted to give us all in the house a talk.

We gathered by the pool and Dana gave us the speech you heard part of. He talked quite a bit about Ronda Rousey and all she had done for the sport, which we all agreed with. He talked about how much money we could make and how crazy the May-Mac fight press tour had been. He asked us about what we missed the most from back home. Interestingly, you can hear Dana say, “You only have two weeks left, you can do it.” I’m glad they left that part in (Lord knows they’ve cut out a bunch of other things). We did only have two weeks left in the house, and we still had all the quarterfinal fights and semi finals left to go, so that gives you an idea of the fight schedule during filming.
You’ll also notice, Sijara isn’t around for this part.

Where was she?
She took Dana’s car and was driving it around the block.
Yeah, I’m not making that up. She actually TOOK Dana’s car and drove it around the block a few times, while Dana was talking to us in the backyard. I don’t like to say she stole it, but lets just say that maybe Sijara deserves a spot in the UFC video game, and possibly one on Grand Theft Auto as well. I hope her character in both games has huge balls, because Sijara sure does.


(I’m pretty sure Dana found out after we went in the house and he laughed it off).

When Dana was done giving his speech (Sijara rolled up right at the end of it I think), he took us out front and a bunch of people piled in his car: Emily got in the driver seat, Dana was in the passenger seat, and then three girls piled in the back. I didn’t go with them. The car was already full when I walked up, and to be honest, I felt nervous around Dana, so I was totally fine with staying back. But Emily drove that thing like she had stolen it, and Dana loved it. It was really a cool thing for him to do, and it made Emily’s night.

I imagine it looked like this

Then the episode moves right into telling Melinda and Rachael’s stories (no drama this week!). Both these women are really awesome.
Melinda is as sweet and soft spoken, but very patriotic. When she would talk about her home country of Hungary, it was always with a lot of passion. Rachael was hilarious, and really positive all the time. I loved hanging out around her because she would always have everyone in a good mood and laughing pretty quick.

It was a good fight. You could tell Melinda was having a hard time relaxing. She was probably VERY aware of Rachel’s ground game and I think it made her nervous. Rachael hit an amazing overhand that swelled half of Melinda’s face up. Once Rachael got the take down, it was over.

That night at the house, Deanna made Melinda a dish called “Lesco”. Lesco is a traditional Hungarian dish with sausage and peppers and onions in a tomato sauce, and Melinda got a little emotional as she ate it. She was homesick and upset, understandably. She spent most of the rest of the show laid up because her eye was damaged from the overhand.

I saw in the locker room there were more coaches warming up Melinda. I don’t remember the dude with the beard’s name, but I think he was a wrestling coach. The other guy was named Jamal and he was a jiu jitsu coach. Again, they were nice guys, but holy hell…. That’s like 11 extra coaches besides Eddie, and that’s just the ones we’ve seen so far (there were more).
When the season started, the team would make cards out of construction paper for the coaches when they left. By the time we got our 7th or 8th coach, we gave up. It was pointless to keep making cards and thanking these guys, because we didn’t have a chance to get to know them, and we didn’t really know when they were coming or going.

Another coach? They’re not getting a card

I hated, hated having so many coaches. Looking back now, I catch myself thinking, Who cares, Lauren? Why does it matter if you had one coach or a million coaches? Why not just go to practice, shut your mouth, and ride out the last two weeks. Maybe you won’t learn anything but it’s not that big of a deal, is it?
Well, for one thing, I’ve never been one to “just shut my mouth”, and I don’t want to be. I’ve spent too many nights, laying awake, wondering why I didn’t just stand up for myself when someone mistreated me, or change my situation when I had the chance, or didn’t speak up for myself or others even though I could have. I hate that feeling, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve made an effort to feel that way less. I am the kind of person that calls things the way I see them. And the way I saw it, cycling coaches through like loads of laundry was shitty. It was hard to learn anything with no consistency. One coach would come in and show something cool, we would drill it a few times. Then the next day, that coach would be gone and we would drill new techniques. Then that coach would be gone and we would do some other shit with someone else. There was no time to practice the techniques we were shown, much less build up any kind of rapport or trust with any of the coaches.
Also, I’m going to point out the obvious here: This tournament was for the UFC championship. So, it ALL mattered. Everything mattered. And, even though I was out of the tournament, there was a fair chance I could still get back in the tourney if someone got hurt or missed weight. So, everything seemed like a big deal, and every practice felt like a waste of time to me. I wasn’t getting to keep the tools I already had sharp, and I couldn’t really pick up new ones with the high turn over rate of the coaches. The only constant was Eddie, and we were not fond of each other. Sure, there were some days when we got along because we had to be around each other but for the most part it was clear that we didn’t like each other at all.

Speaking of Eddie and I… the trailer for the next show, shows a scene between us that gives you sneak peek into the breaking point… so make sure you tune in next week, fight fans 🙂

OH shiiiiiiiit! It’s going down!!
Me and the rest of the girls have been WAITING for this episode.